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For your big game and black bear hunting adventures in Nova Scotia, Canada call Brian “Bear” Squirrell, your black bear hunting guide from Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia.

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Take a look at this recently posted true tale about Mel Morton’s Jenny Eater written by Brian “Bear” Squirrell from the Squirrell’s Nest on our blog page:


Black Bear Hunting – Mel Morton – Jenny Eater – Black Bear Hunting

Some things you never forget, especially when they seem just like yesterday. How many of you can share a story about a 7’7″ 390 pound black bear?  Probably a lot of you have had close encounters of the not-so-nice kind with a bear. This is one such story…

Me and the Posse, as we were known in our neck of the woods in Cavan, Ontario, were all ready to go bag a few good whitetails. The spot we had chosen, on this day was at our longtime friend Mel Morton’s soybean field. The field was surrounded by snarl bush and lots of swamp.

When we arrived Mel was very upset. He said, “Guys, I don’t have a good feeling about this. Jenny is gone – just vanished!”

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Black Bear Hunting Tips –  3 Top Tips:

Top 3 Black Bear Hunting Tips — Black bear hunting is a thrill! It’s a great way to get started with big game. It’s a hunt where many of the skills you’ve picked up from previous hunts can be used, but the stakes are much higher. These hunts are fairly accessible since black bears are the most populated group of bears in North America and can be found across the mountainous areas of Canada and America. In fact, Canada, Nova Scotia is one of the best places to hunt black bear. Black bear hunting guides in Nova Scotia are well-versed in what it takes to land that big trophy kill.

The key to black bear hunting is to remain unseen, unheard and unsmelled. These guys are easily startled. To keep your hunt from going sour, here’s three black bear hunting tips to land that big trophy kill

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black bear nova scotia

Black Bear – Nova Scotia, Canada

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Nova Scotia Hunting & Fishing Season 2016:

Trout fishing: April 1st – Sept 30th

Upland Birds: Oct 1st – Dec 15th

Waterfowl: Early Season: Sept 14th – 26th

Waterfowl: Regular Season: Oct 1st – Dec 31st

Bear: Crossbow, Bow, Muzzle Loader or Rifle: Sept 14th – Dec 5th

Deer Primitive: Bow: Sept 14th – Dec 12th

Deer Primitive: Crossbow, Smooth Bore Muzzle Loader: Sept 28 – Dec 12th

Deer Rifle: Oct 30th – Dec 5th


Please contact Brian (Bear) Squirrell, one of the best hunting and fishing guides in Nova Scotia, directly to book your hunting or fishing adventure today at 587-432-2225 for your hunt with Big Bear – Nova Scotia. Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did! Come out and experience the beauty of Nova Scotia.


Big Bear Outfitters Hunting Recommendations for Brian Squirrell @ Big Bear

“Having hunted over a lifetime I’ve experienced all kinds of hunts from great to terrible. Big Bear Outfitter’s camp in Nova Scotia, Canada is great and the bear hunting is great with Brian Squirrell. The camp and staff at Big Bear were absolutely the best ever – period! You certainly have my recommendation – a class act all the way.” Danny Stephens

“Had the hunt I’ve dreamed of all my life! I’ve never hunted so hard and been so rewarded! I can’t say enough to express my appreciation for the work our hunting guide, Bear, Brian Squirrell at Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, Canada did. The hospitality in and out of camp cannot be equaled. I will be back for more bear hunts in the future. Can’t wait to see my beautiful bear rug on my wall at the cabin. Lots of great stories to share!”

“No doubt one of the most memorable experiences of my lifetime, not only the end reward but the whole two weeks from start to finish for my big game and bird hunting this year. You all put a tremendous amount of care and time into it and I felt totally taken care of during our hunt. I have been really blessed to travel and hunt throughout Canada and it is without reservation that Big Bear Outfitter’s family and staff should be a model to all. I have personally known Bear, for many, many years. I had the best hunt of my life in 2015 and 2016 with memories that will be with me forever. Special thanks to Sure Shot for compiling my personal photo hunt book, it will be great to share those memories with friends and family. Looking forward to a great 2017 hunting season with Big Bear Outfitters – You’ve got a regular and loyal customer here.”  David Rose

“I have hunted and fished with Bear at Big Bear Outfitters and I have to say I have never had quite the adventures in hunting and fishing until I met Bear. Within a short period of time he was able to see where I needed correction on either a cast or a shot. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable and he loves to liven up things with a good old hunting story or one of many of his jokes and world viewpoints. It is a true joy to be out in the woods with a hunter who really understands the patterns and signs of big game. I always feel fully confident on every fishing and hunting adventure and have tagged out every hunt. Now I know that my freezer will always be full and I have wonderful hunting and fishing memories to last a lifetime! Thanks for sharing your love of the wild with us all – looking forward to some black bear adventures in 2017! G. Dahl


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