Big Buck Deer Hunting – Ghost of the Forest – The Stump Buck

Ghost of the Forest - Big Buck from

Ghost of the Forest – Big Buck from


Big Buck Deer Hunting – The Ghost of the Forest – The Stump Buck

Every year different companies put out different scents to bring in the big boys. Some companies do a better job than others, as I have over the years experimented with many.

In this one experience there was a brand new attractant out and it looked like it might really work, it was Tinks –  “Doe in Estrus” available from Bass Pro Outfitters. I also believe in the cleaning of your clothes and scenting off when going for big buck deer hunting.

I am very religious in my approach to hunting the majestic whitetail, they are what I call, “The Ghost of the Forest”. They have that sixth sense…so I always tried tricking them, with my hiding techniques. On this one beautiful run, in behind my home, in the country and in a very snarly bush, was a beautiful big stump. I had looked at it a couple of times.

I called my buddy Ivan to come out. We had a fresh snow, I told him about this new Tinks Doe in Estrus Scent, and I took him to where I would be hiding.

He laughed, “Looks like a honey hole!”

Ivan then walked over to the cut line…a lot of action was taking place in this area with rubs and scrapes. Ivan is a very good hunter with some very nice mounts on his wall.

I said to Ivan “I will put a piece of cloth with this new scent about fifteen yards down wind on this particular run.”

So we got ready for the afternoon hunt. The temperatures started to fall, perfect for those rutting bucks. I gave a couple of bleats, and started calling with my “Ez Grunter” from Bass Pro Shop, which I had also purchased in Oshawa, before the hunt.

It was a very still afternoon.You could hear a pin drop. I just love sitting and listening to the birds, the crazy squirrel’s and watched as wild Turkey’s landed all around me.

All of a sudden I heard a crunch, coming up the trail and headed right towards me.

No, I mean, right at me.

I remained very still. I heard the steps getting closer and closer and closer, and then all of a sudden, I saw the breath of this fine animal.

Now what took place next was something that to this day has not happened again.

The curious animal looked right in my stump and touched the back of my shoulder. Then he pulled his head up and started to try and slowly move away down the trail.

“BOO!” I said as I put my trusty Breda on the heart lung area.

You should have seen his eyes, I will never forget that look. Like he was having a, “Oh, Oh Moment”.

It was a shot at ten feet…and the majestic up and comer was in the book.

Now Ivan came over as he heard the shot.

“How did you do, did you get the deer?”

I was of course happy and told him what had taken place.

Ivan laughed his head off…you said, “BOO, and then BAM?”

“Yep!” I said.

We dragged the nice four pointer out of the woods and then went back to the house to warm up, had some rums, and all Ivan could say was, “BOO…BAM….BOO…BAM!”

We chuckled at how our hunt ended.

In closing, taking the extra time to find good hunting hiding spots is always a great thing to do.

Advance scouting if you have the time is a must and getting information on new attractants and guns really does go along way in you getting a  “Ghost of the Forest – Stump Buck” of your very own.

Another big buck hunting tail from the Squirrell’s Nest by Brian “Bear” Squirrell your big buck hunting and fishing guide at from Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, Canada.


Big Bear Outfitters - Nova Scotia,

Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia,