Big Buck Deer Hunting – The Two Brothers – No Luck At All!


Big Bear Outfitters - Nova Scotia,

Big Buck Deer Hunting – The Two Brothers – No Luck At All!

Hello again, with another hunting tail from the Squirrell’s nest…This one, I am sure you will enjoy.

I had just moved to Peterborough to take a new radio announcing job. Of course, hunting and fishing is in my blood and moving to another area was not going to stop me. I was very active in Kapuskasing, Northern Ontario running a trapline as I have alluded to in my biography page, and hunting and fishing was an everyday occurrence for me.

After all, there is not really too much to do in the remote north, which I did not mind one bit. Now leaving the Kap, I did with a real sadness, but advancing in radio broadcasting and into a major market radio station was a step up. In hindsight, I may have done things a little differently, but hey, things turned out well as it was.

Now the only thing different in hunting and fishing in a new area is this – Where are the big game animals and where are the fish?

I just so happened to meet a native brother, Rosie/Rosebud, who still to this day is that one guy that has seen it all with me. I got talking to him as we lived in the same building on Brown street, and he told me about a local taxidermist, Roy Chesney, and he said if you get something good go see him. He also said, “He may know of some good areas to hunt and fish.” This was a very wise move.

I called Roy up and we immediately hit it off, he told me of the five mile turn area so I applied for a doe tag. This was before the Rosebud era of hunting stories. A lot of his mounts that were brought in, the hunters and fisherman shared their stories of where they caught or shot these beautiful creatures. So this was a very interesting connection. Also the smartest thing I ever did as well.

Luck would be with me in my first hunting season. I had moved from moose and bear country, to the land of the elusive whitetail. I hunted on my own for the first four days of the hunt, at the five mile turn, thanks to Roy. I was lucky enough to take a poor doe with a mercy kill, she had a broken front leg, and would have become wolf food, funny how a hardened hunter like me would still feel uncomfortable.

My good old Pops recently said to me, “Hey son..I can’t hunt anymore…I looked into the eyes of a wounded doe, and she said, ‘Get this over with would you?’  That is the last time I have hunted, he said, I have become too soft.” I do understand, last year, I started to feel bad after this one big doe, that was hit hard, looked me in the eyes. I do not let animals suffer period and eat everything I shoot and do not waste a single morsel. But still, becoming soft, I thought.

Okay…getting back to the story. As luck would have it, Roy called me up on Friday to ask me if I wanted to hunt the last day on Saturday with him and a first year hunter, and two brothers, that had been with him for fifteen years. I asked him, How they were doing? Roy said, “Weather has been bad, lots of rain and the first year lad, got his first, a nice big doe opening day.  As for the two brothers, honestly, they are frustrated, have not seen an animal, at all. But they have seen plenty of kills over their fifteen years. Not too sure what to think, Roy said, they just have no luck at all.

I said, “Okay, I will come out on the last day. It was forecast to be showers off and on all day. I was excited, a group to be part of!

Cleaned up the old new to me Breda, got my Breneke slugs ready and hit the bed. As always never enough sleep. Too wound up. But I was up before the clock again and I had a good feeling about the day. I looked out to overcast skies. Headed out to Omemee, had breakfast with the group, and talked about the hunt. T hen we headed into the field.

Roy put the brothers on a real hot run, a place where many big bucks over the years had been taken. Just so happened that I was put on the opposite end of this corn field. I picked out this beautiful oak tree. “Yes oh yes, I thought…look at the big tree, with enough room to climb up into the middle. What a vantage point!

A Squirrell, always hunts from a tree, at least this Squirrell loved to. Up I went, brought my Breda up by rope and then a big smile…Oh Ya…This is where a nice buck will come out of, I was hoping.

I listened to the birds chirping and then off in behind me as it became lighter, the squirrel’s around me started to get really mad. Aw yes, something had made them mad. Perhaps a big buck eating their acorns, that is one thing to listen for always, as I had learned up north. Then I heard a snap of a twig, and the rustling through the corn field. This was too good to be true. I had only been in the tree for forty-five minutes.

I followed the movement and looked down the fence line. There was a nice opening, but still it was over a hundred yards, if he or she picked this spot. I had a nice branch to rest my shotgun on and had practiced with my Breda, at a hundred yards, but still, from a tree…hmmh..Okay, I thought, deal with that when and if, I see this animal. Low and behold, after what seemed an eternity, out jumped a deer.

The deer just stood there broadside. It was headed towards the two brothers. I steadied the gun and put it a foot over the animals back I thought to myself, If I miss, then the two brothers would get a shot at the deer. I honestly had no clue, but let go. The animal flattened out like a pancake. Had I missed?

Just then the young lad yelled, “You got him, his back is broken, he is trying to pull himself, I yelled back, “Finish him please.” I was in total disbelief.

At that moment we radioed back to Roy, who was on his way to us after hearing the shot. The two brothers were coming as well. “Well, what did you get?” said Roy.

As they came to my tree, I pointed to a nice big deer. “I think it was a buck according to the young lad.”

The two brothers looked at each other and said, “You shot that deer from this distance? Are you kidding us?”

“No, honestl!” I said.

The two brothers headed over to see the animal. He was a nice seven pointer…my first whitetail buck.

The two brothers said nothing. They both went back, got the measuring tape and measured out the shot..It was 110 yards.

Then what took place after was funny, but not really…I felt bad for them.

The two brothers said, “Brian, nothing personal, but that’s it for us. We are happy for you and the young lad, but fifteen years of this happening has told us one thing. We need another hobby, perhaps golf!”

As I got back to the camp, after cleaning my big buck, the two brothers were halfway through a bottle of whiskey under a big tree. Talking to themselves.

“Yes, Another hobby…Yes! Another hobby!” The two brothers said to themselves.

They never did come back.

Roy phoned me the next week, “Brian, do you have a friend that can join you for next year?”

The two brothers had hung up their guns for good.

“Oh yes, boy do I ever…he is the Rosebud and he is the one waiting for the call. And as irony would have it, Roy, he is the one that told me about you.”

Funny how some things are just meant to be.

Then I said to Roy, “I need you to mount my first buck.”

Roy said, “It would be an honour.”

Thus the tails of Rosie and Squirrelly were about to begin…42 years later, I am putting our memories to ink and planning our next Rosie and Bear hunting adventure.

Hope you have enjoyed another big buck hunting tail from the Squirrell’s Nest at Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, Canada from Brian “Bear” Squirrell your Nova Scotia hunting and fishing guide.

Big Bear Outfitters - Nova Scotia

Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia