Deer Hunting – One Wild Ride


Deer Hunting – One Wild Ride

In the hunting and fishing world, anything can happen.Things can take place right out of the blue or on the spur of a moment. This funny story is funny, because it turned out that way, although it could have had a much different ending .Not really too sure what our friend was thinking, when he pulled his stunt. But one thing is for sure , bet he will never for the rest of his life do it again. It was a very nice cold day, frost on the fields,we were up in behind my home in Cavan,Ontario hunting for the elusive whitetail. Our advanced scouting report, told us that the deer population had a great winter and we were seeing lots of young animals.Although the wolves were thick, it would be a great year for hunting.
Nice part about our property is that it was private, and our posse was only one allowed to hunt it, thus less chance of having confrontations with other hunters.We had over the seven years I lived there, built some very productive, tree stands. We also took some very nice deer. Our posse was a core group of friends, that all stuck together, when in full force we had six or seven hunters.This was just the perfect number, to cover the 100 acres.I had convinced most of the boys that tree hunting, was the way to go, and with Rosie and I..

Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff, we had chosen very carefully, our hired guns. It was a lot of fun.All our posse were every skilled , hunters and fisherman, but every so often, our one friend D,,who for his identity, we will keep to just D, as in dummy or dumbass..became restless, and he would go for a walk. Many a time D pushed deer right to us, better than any hound dog.
On this particular hunt, D was getting restless, and as he was getting ready to come out of his stand,when he saw a very young deer coming right down the fence line. He had an idea hmm.It was coming so close along the fence that he thought, I am going to jump out of the stand and onto it’s back and then use his knife, to do the dirty deed, so he would tell us later.. Not exactly anything that anyone other than D would do.

He was a bit of a crazy guy, and from time to time did some pretty crazy things. But this stunt would take the cake.What he underestimated is ,that even the smallest deer is wild, and even with his weight it did not matter he was in for “One Wild Ride”. He was thinking, if the cowboys can do it so can I. Honestly, he watched too much rodeo and westerns on tv as a kid and only D would try this crazy stunt.
Well what took place next was simply unbelievable, we watched it, although not too sure at the time what he was up to.He put his shotgun down, and got into this crouch postion. Some of  the stands  we built were not too high up, about seven feet high but some well hidden, others tucked into a crotch of a tree as was the case with this one.I put my binoculars on him.Then it hit me he wasn’t going to jump on  this young deer was he? It came down the fence and out he sprang like a cougar on it’s prey, he managed to mount it all right, but now what?

Although it looked very funny at the time, what took place next was not sooo funny. Seemed that the young deer did not want to be ridden, and D never did get that knife out. Being part of a rodeo was not on this animals list of things to do. D was holding on for deer life, as the young deer headed for his escape route, which happened to be a buck thorn brush escape route.
Oh know not the buck thorn, we were all laughing by this time and well for D, it was a lesson well learned. when it hit the buck thorn brush all we heard was ouch, ooh. oh my god what have I done language, if you know what I mean. This did not last long , as D decided it was time to dismount, and where did he end up into, into the marsh pond. Then things went quiet..Had we lost our friend forever, honestly, we were in hysterics.

Why would he do such a dumb thing.

We all upon seeing this got out of our stands and went over to the pond area surrounded by the buck brush. He was a sight for sore eyes. Buck brush thorns all over him , bumps and bruises..Also shaken and mumbling, I thought I could ride the young deer, he said and cut it’s throat. I thought I had it outweighed….Well how did you make out D, we asked, as we stood really looking at one of the dumbest guys in the world. Not so good.

We then said to him, no more tree stands for you, you are going to stay on the ground from now on ..and D no ropes are  allowed, just in case you try a lasso one of those little defenseless creatures.

Honestly in all of my years of hunting, and by the way he never did hunt with us again, the embarrassment was too much, did we ever see such stupidity again..hell even Barney from the Andy of Mayberry television show with all of his crazy antics could never ever top this. Or would he as dumb as he acted ever try.
Another hard to believe but true tail from the Squirrell’s nest..