Duck Hunting


Duck Hunting – Wanted: Non-Smoking Ducks

Ah, yes. My good friend, the Rosebud! Here’s to the many unusual situations Rosebud and I have found ourselves in. I often reflect back on our antics in Ontario, and this one particular story still makes me chuckle.

This one particular duck/goose hunt stands out. We had been baiting our favourite duck pond for months and leading up to opening day we would sit in the blind and talk and share stories and watch as the ducks and geese landed by the hundreds. We would just dream of opening day and of the tasty critters that we loved to eat so much.

Then it was time, opening day was finally here. We were all nestled in the duck blind, waiting as we always did, nice and quiet. The excitement was just setting in. Rosie and I were ready to shoot. Just as the ducks started to circle, and I mean a lot of ducks, Rosie looked at me with this startled look, checked his pack of cigarettes, and said, “Oh no, I’m almost out of smokes!”

Now, I am a non-smoker and never did have any reason to start smoking. And as any smoker will tell you, it is not easy to quit (especially for a pack-a-day smoker like Rosie). He enjoys smoking so much that when Rosie coughs from drawing on a cigarette he laughs and says, “Hope the rest of the pack is that good!”

Rosie jumped up and said, “Squirrelly I will be back… I only have two smokes left before I run out. I can’t have that happening!” And off he went.

Now what happened next was unbelievable!

All of the non-smoking ducks and geese pitched in, and well, by the time he got back it was all over. I had filled my limit. I looked at him in disbelief and said, “Are you kidding me? Honestly, I think it’s time to pack them in. You missed all the action!”

I love him dearly, but Rosie, you need to quit. Hunting is a lot healthier for you!

As a matter of fact, the Rosebud will be visiting Rosebud, Alberta this year to hunt the area for the first time. Where the heck is Rosebud, Alberta? It’s on the way to Drumheller. Rosie loves to hunt ducks and geese, so Sure Shot and I have invited him out to join our hunting posse this fall.

Boy, is Rosie in for a surprise, the hunting and fishing is amazing in Alberta! Thanks to a major landowner here in southern Alberta we are great friends with, we have over 10,000 acres to hunt on, along with accommodations and the opportunity to hunt with some great characters and great friends. Rosie is going to love it! And I can’t wait to live another hunting story.

Another tale from the Squirrell’s Nest. Written by Brian “Bear” Squirrell, your hunting and fishing guide at Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, Canada at