Flying Squirrell


Flying Squirrell – Two Does Down!
Okay, now some days are better than others.

We know that…but in the world of hunting, particularly when it comes to building tree stands, a lot can and will go wrong.

It’s very smart to have someone with you when you are building that secret shooting platform.

Also smart to use seasoned wood not branches that are green, for stairs up into your perfect spot.

The Rosebud and I pride ourselves as the masters of hiding, whether it be in a stump, or in a snarly nasty bush, or a stand overlooking a hydro cut. Over the years we came to know that game particularly loved these openings…Moose, Bear, Deer, Rabbits…you name it they all ventured into these hydro cuts. So what better place for a tree stand or two or three?

Living in the country had many advantages. First of all plenty of game. My tools were close and wood, well, I had plenty of that.

So as we did every year we looked for well used scrapes and rubs, territorial signs of the elusive whitetail and got to know their bailiwick or home territory.

On this one particular year, we happened to be watching a lot of deer crossing down at the end of this one field. It was a perfect funnel for Big Bucks to have time with their ladies…a  perfect breeding ground.

So Rosie and I set out to put up a couple of tree stands intercepting them. Everything went well, up went the stands. We just knew that this was going to be a honey hole, a real producer, come opening day. We, from time to time, would go in scented off and study all of the deer coming through. There were some real nice bucks out there and we could hardly wait.

Then it was time, the day had arrived. Opening day!  As every year, we were so wound up, we could hardly sleep!

We met at my house which was only twenty minutes away from our two stands, had some breakfast and set out at the perfect moment about a half hour before light.

We had our ropes to tie off the guns to pull them up (unloaded of course) and set out. Rosie going deeper in and me sitting overlooking the hydro cut. We took our time, so we would not make any noise. We arrived on a cool crisp beautiful morning to our stands.

Rosebud said, “Good luck!” and I then went to my stand. I had climbed this stand many times before.

Once again in my world, things sometime went Squirrelly and this would prove to be one of those times.

I had tied off old Breda girl, my most loved shotgun and I was nicely climbing up my ladder made of…hmm…green poplar steps. I was two steps from the top when it happened…the step pulled away from the tree and down I went!!

Fifteen feet backward and I landed with a mighty WHOMP!!!

I was winded! Gasping for air! Letting out noises that yes, would attract attention.

I looked up and their they were…a great big ten point buck with his harem.

He looked at me, they looked at me, as much to say, “There is a book called ‘Hunting for Dummies 101’, that says you never use green wood tree branches from poplar for stairs, because as the tree expands and retracts, the nails, spiral or not, let go!!!

The herd thanked me and I was one very poplar guy with that bunch.

As for me and my back, I laid there for a few more minutes and then radioed Rosie and told him what had happened.

Then I heard a crack…of his gun.

“Squirrelly!!! Two does down!!” Rosie radioed back.

Turns out that I spooked the herd right to him.

As luck would have it, The Flying Squirrell was good for something after all!

I was sore for weeks after that. We laugh now, but boy…was I some lucky!

Another true hunting tail from the Squirrell’s Nest at Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia written and experienced by none other than your hunting and fishing guide for Nova Scotia, Canada.


Big Bear Outfitters - Nova Scotia,

Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia,