Pickerel Fishing – The Secret Spot – Dean Pringle

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Pickerel Fishing – The Secret Spot – Dean Pringle

In the world of Hunters and Fisherman, they are all very protective of their secret spots. Honestly, I do understand that, and well, when they take you to one, you must give them your word not to visit that spot without them.

At least in my world, that is my code. This particular friend, Dean Pringle, who I met through my late wife, told me in a conversation one time ,that he had a secret pickerel fishing spot, it was so narrow that you would never think there was fish in it, let alone big pickerel.

The Secret Spot happened to be a feeder creek into Rice Lake. Dean had my curiosity up, I never bothered him about it, but I said to him, “If you ever need someone to go with you, I would love to see what you are talking about.”

The summer went on, and out of the blue, Dean called me up and asked if I wanted to go out with him and a couple of his buddies to the secret spot.

I felt honored to be included in his group. I did tell Dean that I would never go to the secret spot without him.  Dean said, “Thanks for that!”

So in heavy anticipation we set out.

I have a confession, pickerel happens to be my favorite fish to eat, although halibut, cod, salmon are all up there.  Okay, I love all fish, but as I stated, I have my favorites.

So we get to the secret spot, I looked at this pathetic, little shallow creek that was no more than three feet wide and two feet deep.

I started to laugh, “You are kidding, there is no way that fish, let alone pickerel, can be in there.

Dean said “Honestly, they are there, under the banks are rock ledges, that go way back in. It is a natural predator free channel just for them.”

I said, “Okay I believe you!

So as I always did, I checked out the color of the water, threw on a yellow jig head, and tipped it with my scented leach bait.

First cast out let it drift under this ledge, and BAM…Oh my…A three pound pickerel!

“Wow!” I thought,  “Dean wasn’t kidding!”

“See” Dean said, “Told ya…if they are here, they are here!”

Next cast, I did the same thing and BAM, another two pounder! Now the boys were starting to get restless, they did not find this amusing at all.I had two fish on two casts, a few casts later did the same thing and BAM another two pounder perfect eating size. These guys then started to crowd me, asked what I was using, and honestly they put the same thing on…and got….nothing!

I was impressed with this secret spot and who would of guessed it?

I then threw my line in, repeating my presentation and BAM pickerel number four came in three pounds, and then BAM BAM, five and six close to the same size! The boys were choked, so mad that they went on top of the bridge and started throwing small rocks down into the water trying to mess up the fishing for me.

I took it all in fun.

“Sorry boys, but hey, at least we have fish to eat!” I said hoping to make them feel better.

They mumbled at me as I proceeded to catch two more, BAM, BAM…all in the span of an hour.

Then, the bites stopped…I maintained it was the rock throwing that finally took it’s toll.

I said, “Guys, I am not too sure why you are so hot…we get to eat pickerel, and I am sharing the bounty!”

Then in unison they said. ‘Squirrelly we have been coming to this secret spot for years and we always catch fish. We have never in all the years watched this happen. Eight pickerel in just over an hour. We are in disbelief, if you don’t buy lottery tickets…please start buying them now. And please keep your word, don’t come to our secret spot without us…there won’t any fish left!”

We all laughed and I never did go back to Dean Pringle’s Secret Spot…and they never asked me to go back either…hmm…Wonder why?

Another fishing tale from the Squirrell’s Nest from Brian “Squirrelly” Squirrell at Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia. Your hunting and fishing guides for Nova Scotia Canada at www.bigbearoutfitters.co


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