Road Kill


Road Kill – What Were We Thinking?

Well here we go again, another true story, which I will never forget, neither will Rosie.

It started out great!  A warm summer day in July. We had just spent a couple hours trapping minnows, so that we could go and catch our favourite fish Pickerel or Walleye. Man did we love to eat this fish.

What we did not know, was that this day would turn into quite an adventure. After we had a pail full of minnows, we headed down this back road, a shortcut to the honey hole.

In front of us in her car was a lady, driving along until, we see her jam on her brakes and we watch as she hits this great big doe.

The doe rolls into the ditch, it’s back is broken. She is shaken up, but what are two good old boys going to do next?

Well this was our lucky day, or so we thought. After checking out her car, we jumped into action. We took out the fillet knife and put the poor thing out of her misery and sent the lady on her way.

“Yum yum!” we thought, “A nice doe!” We were licking our lips at the thought of venison steaks that night.

Now here is where this story takes a turn. We had to find a nice cool place to clean this animal. So what do we do? We take the deer and head up the road, until we see this nice little pond. A perfect location to clean her…hmmm…

So in we go and start to do the cleaning.

Then it happened, an entire nation of mosquitoes, converged on us. We were swarmed, the worst ever, and I have lived in some pretty remote areas of Canada.

We did the best we could do, time wise that is, and by the time we got back to the car and loaded her, well let’s just say, we gave more blood than the Red Cross collects in a year.

When we got home Rosie’s wife Mary, started to laugh.

Mary said, “What have you two been up to now? What the hell happened to you both? You are all swollen up!”

Then we told her of our adventure.

Mary said, “I should have known!”

Moral of this story…If you ever happen to get a road kill don’t clean it by a mosquito infested swamp and better yet stick to fishing.

Boy did we learn a lesson that day!

Another true tail from the Squirrell’s Nest by Brian “Bear” Squirrell your hunting and fishing guide for Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia