The Lone Black Wolf vs Alpha Male


The Lone Black Wolf vs Alpha Male

I have to tell you of one particularly interesting story of a lone black male wolf. As I had said in my earlier stories, I have run into many wild animals in my days of trapping. Yes I went out in the bitter cold, all in the hopes of making a few bucks, to help our growing family. I studied a lot of the animals I hunted and paid particular attention to their habits. Believe it or not, they too have routines, just like you and I. When you figure them out, you usually become a better hunter or trapper.

It would be a case of me the Alpha male dog vs this lone black male wolf. I hunted and trapped very hard and from time to time saw many wolves. Funny thing, even though their fur was worth a good buck, I just never set snares to get them. They were my good luck charms in the bush, all because of this one lone black wolf…I also never shot one or at one. It was once again because of this lone black male wolf I called Blackie. What he had done for me was well, something you had to experience.

Kapuskasing is a cruel, cold place when you are hunting and trapping. You also better be prepared for things to go wrong. Like when your ATV or snowmobile breaks down. Because death can happen very fast. I would, on a daily basis, leave my little wood cabin, that I had built in the off season, and check the traps. I was doing very well, thanks to Joe the trapper from New Brunswick. He showed me a lot of tricks, that I still use to this day, although my trapping has been silent for a few years due to health. Joe had mentioned that every so often, he would check his traps, and this lone black wolf, would always be watching him ,he said you just get that feeling that something or someone is watching you and sure enough, there was Blackie.

Now as I have discovered over the years, wolves in general, are shy and timid creatures, but when hungry, well, can you blame them, they hunt to kill. Sometimes they get too close, to villages and schools or even on the occasional road. But as Joe said to me they are only feeding themselves and the creatures they hunt are not stupid. They are also running out of room due to ever expanding development. they are also finding mans livestock an easy target, which breaks my heart as a trapper and hunter. They do not meet a happy ending when this does take place.

Now I have hunted around many wolves, we have the Timber wolves, which Blackie was and the Co- dog a cross between wolf and dog, yes, they are one smart breed. Basically because they know man’s every move, thanks to being that unhappy pet going wild. More and more of these animals everyday, are showing up, close to farms and they are thriving as well.

The Timber wolf is one magnificent animal, and they stay deep and far away from people, if they can help it, and because of Blackie, I really developed a fondness for this wolf. As I checked my traps, his curiosity would always have him watching from that safe distance. This is when I started to leave him the carcasses, raccoon and beaver were his favorites. When I was done trapping , I would make that cold trip back to the cabin. Every morning I would get up and there was his tracks right up to my cabin. It was like a cat and mouse game.I figured Blackie to be about seven or eight when I first set eyes on him, and as the years went on I watched him age .

Now this is why, I will never shoot a wolf period. Don’t care, will always defend them,  I was caught with my pants down on this one particular day. Thought the air was overly still, and as northern Ontario storms blow in fast and furious, it happened, the snow hit hard and the wind blew up…before I knew what hit me.

I knew not to panic, but my trails were covered, and the blinding snow, and the temperature started to drop. Could this be it for me, honestly, I thought I would be found frozen. I prayed very hard to somehow find my way home. I sat by a tree and pondered what to do..I was shaken and upset, in a situation, that I had to get out of somehow.

As you all know things can look so different even for the most experienced hunter or trapper, when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Wind chill factor included 45- 50 below. I looked up and no kidding there was Blackie, with this look I will never forget..he was nodding at me , as much to say follow me. He would stop every so often and look back until once again I got to that safe distance and then on he would go, taking me all the way to my cabin. Blackie was left many a carcass after that, not only in the bush as I caught the animals, but left a bowl of thanks out for him daily ..and he would empty the bowl at a safe distance and nod as if to say ‘’that was good’’…

No thank-you my lone black friend, I could never ever repay him enough, he saved my life. Now as I reflect back on this magnificent animal, and story, it occurred to me, that I really had met a lone black sheep, in wolf’s clothing, as he was far from wild in his nature and did not behave like a wolf at all.

To him I was that Alpha male dog, that he had befriended on his terms, and in that one moment knew that I had strayed way too far from my flock.

I told Trapper Joe about Blackie and he said, “You know something you are not going to believe this. He did the same for me about two years ago. I think  he is a messenger from God, I honestly do.”

To Joe and I, he will forever be a legend, and while we never did see if he had a family or not. We are sure in our hearts his bloodline lived on, and perhaps his offspring did the same thing, for a lost trapper or hunter. One never knows do they?

A true story from the Squirrell’s Nest of tails from Brian “Bear” Squirrell of Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, Canada your hunting and fishing guide for Nova Scotia.