Wally Diver Lure – Fishing Tacklebox

Wally Diver Lure

Wally Diver Lure

Wally Diver Lure – The Fishing Tackle Box

Now we all have hunting and fishing stories to tell, right? We also know the odds game. You know what it’s like to purchase that losing lottery ticket. But this true fishing story will blow your mind.

I was widowed in 1999. Marie, my Fishing Angel looking down on us all, knows this is true….and you never mess with an angel.

We had this favourite fishing hole on the Madawska River in Ontario. We would load up the old 78 Chevy Bluegrass Van and go fishing for the elusive Walleye.

Marie, or Murr as she was affectionately known, had the patience for fishing. She also didn’t mind if I kept the Plano Fishing Tackle-box full. She loved the variety of colours of the lures, buzz baits, shake baits, rubber baits, worms, and just about everything else, but she just had to have the Wally Diver.

Sponsored by Bob Izumi, a well known fisherman in our neck of the woods, Murr saw this lure on TV. Next thing you know, we were off to the local Cabela’s Outfitters to purchase this beast. Hell, it may not even work I thought, but what took place next would defy all odds.

So Murr picked out her Silver Wally Diver and I picked out my Gold Wally Diver and off to the mighty Madawaska we went, hoping for a Pickerel feast with Rocky Madsons fish crisp.image (1)

So we put the lures on went down to our secret hole. On the first cast Murr was snagged and man was she upset. I tried in vain to save the once-cast lure, but to no avail. It was lost to the elusive snag fish.

Defeated, we both went back to camp. The next morning brought the traditional hurry down to our secret hole. I said to Murr, “I’m going to try my Gold Bob Izumi Wally Diver, okay?” She gave me the eye but said, “Okay.”

I cast across to the very spot that she had lost her prized lure the day before. “Damn No!” I said. I was caught on the same snag fish. I pulled and tugged. Could this be another first-cast lost lure?

Just then, I was free. Yahoo! And as the Angel Murr and God above be will be a witness too. I reeled in my Wally Diver and our jaws dropped. There, not only was my Wally Diver, but I had hooked the one she lost through its eyelet. She had tears of joy. I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

She never did put that Wally Diver back on her line. It was, as she would say, her good luck charm and would stay in her fishing box until the day she passed. God Bless you Murr. That was quite the moment.

Now you know why I keep buying losing lottery tickets. The odds of this happening are like winning the lottery…or maybe even greater odds. You just never know do you?

Hunting and Fishing Stories from the Squirrell’s Nest by Brian “Bear” Squirrell at Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, Canada. www.bigbearoutfitters.co

Big Bear Outfitters - Nova Scotia, bigbearoutfitters.co

Big Bear Outfitters – Nova Scotia, bigbearoutfitters.co